We’ve just released a new version of Web7 Video 2.6.0. This release contains bug fixes, faster performance, and a couple of new features.


Text width

We have found out that not everyone is good around CSS. Now you can set a width of the text box right in the administration. Since this module is responsive, we wanted to give you the opportunity to set width for each device separately. So you have three options. Desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

You have to choose how much of the video space you want to cover with text and then add a number of percents in the administration.

Font color

In previous versions, font had the same color as the rest of the page. If all your paragraphs were white, Web7 Video text was white as well.

In this version, you have an opportunity to change font color just for this module really easily and separately for headline and paragraph.

Better vertical centering

A couple of users wrote us about bad vertical centering of the intro text. We came up with a better solution so now it looks perfect on all of the resolutions.

We are preparing a few layout styles you can choose from, so the text doesn’t have to be in the center of Web7 Video module. You will be able to have it left/right/center/top half/bottom half.

If you want to update your module, you will find this version in Joomla Update.

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